5 Tips for Selling in the Fall and Winter

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We can’t pretend it is not coming—there is no way to avoid it—Fall and Winter in Chicago. So, having the typical Chicago area mindset—come at us, Old Man Winter and use my tips for selling your home during these seasons.

Listing Tip 1

While it is still Summer, and we have not made the full transition to Autumn, get the outside of your home photographed. You can always add a Fall or Winter image of the home you are selling. Many home buyers prefer to get a nice look at what the prospective property they are interested in appears like  in the summer. Also, if you have a garden, late summer is such a spectacular time to show off  your homes curb appeal!

Listing Tip 2

Many people sell successfully in the Fall. Make sure you clean up the yard. Rake up dead leaves, pick up branches, plant some fall flowers. Mums are a beautiful way to say Welcome Fall, adding a touch of color and curb appeal at the same time. Additionally, don’t forget to also clear away old Summer growth and add some fresh mulch.

Listing Tip 3

Clean out your fireplace (if you have one). With a clean fireplace you can arrange an attractive still life instead of a lighting a fire. Place a few candles and burn them for potential buyers or even light a real fire! Having the fireplace cleaned, decorated or functional gives that extra added touch of home sweet home. Put up a few holiday decorations, but don’t go overboard, think tasteful and simple.

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Listing Tip 4

Fill your home with the scent of freshly baked apple pie, cinnamon cupcakes, or pumpkin/banana bread. It’s always a pleasant association for the prospective buyers to tour your home munching on some fall goodies. Don't add too many smells though. Natural scents from baking have always proven to be the most pleasant.

Listing Tip 5

Brighten the home up with lights and fall accent colors. As it gets darker outside and home showings go into the darker early evening hours—light it up! Closets, halls, mood-lighting a room. Open up the drapes and shades to provide as much natural light as possible. This projects warmth and a feeling of security to the home.

Follow these simple tips to spruce up your home and make potential buyers ‘fall’ in love with your home. I will help you every step of the way—from listing your current home to closing on the house of your dreams. Contact me today to find out what your home is worth or set up a consultation.