Avoid a sNOw Show, Winterize Your Marketing Plan

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ginger art-2  Is your home going to be listed for sale during the winter months? A scheduled home showing can melt down fast in snow and ice conditions.  Here are a few simple tips that will help attract buyers and keep your property ready for the winter marketplace:



A Warm and Welcoming Entryway

Keep walkways to the front door cleared from snow and debris; Keep a doormat at the front door; Make sure windows can be seen and not covered by snow or overgrown shrubs; make sure steps are not icy and that stoop is at a safe height. If you have pets, make sure no evidence of this is on the front lawn.  

A View for All Seasons

Include year-round photos in your listing that highlight gardens, greenery, and good times potential for outdoor enjoyment and recreation. 

Warm in Winter 

Play up amenities that add value to your home in winter months: an attached garage, a fireplace, new water heater or heating system, skylights, spacious recreation/game room. If there is a gym nearby, make this a selling point for the colder months.


Keep holiday decorations minimal and tasteful (reindeer on the roof will be distracting). Keep indoor surfaces (countertops, mantles, tops of appliances, etc.) as clear as possible and minimally staged.

 Don't let your sale price freeze!

Keep informed of market trends in your area. Work with your Realtor to properly price your home. An overpriced home can sit for months on the market, while a well-priced property in winter, when there are typically fewer homes on the market, can lead to competitive bidding and possibly increasing your home's value and selling price.