Buying Your Dream Home? Write a Letter!

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I feel compelled to share this Trulia article with you, 'The Power of Real Estate Offer Letters,' and offer my reflections and expertise as an experienced Buyer Agent of 25+ years!

This article gives a simple, helpful suggestion to homebuyers, when a contract alone might not be enough to get the seller "off the fence." Being prepared to share your feelings about why you love a particular home, and including it in the form of a written letter with your offer, can make an impression and sometimes be the influencing factor in a seller's decision.

A few times I have had a buyer do this, and in each instance, we got the home! Each experience is indeed different, but Sellers appreciate the extra time one takes to help them learn about potential buyers.

When acting as a buyer's agent, I always leave a comment for the seller when I show their home. Before we leave, I write a comment or impression on the back of my business card; for example, stunning or staged beautifully or kudos to your agent or thank you for squeezing us in today on short notice. This small investment of time for some feedback helps to pave the way for future communications with the seller.

It also introduces my buyer to them, that can be like planting a seed. It's these little things that take us to the next level of making a personal connection.


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