De-clutter to Sell Your Home

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There is no way to get around it—you have to de-clutter your home to sell it. Don’t be alarmed if the task you face is a daunting one! Have you heard of the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is “one bite at a time.” Follow these simple suggestions and you be de-cluttered in no time.

First, A Few General Suggestions to Guide You:

•  Decide on categories to de-clutter: keep, Goodwill (or other charity), garage sale, or garbage. These categories are up to you to choose.

•  If it really has sentimental value—give yourself permission to keep it and make the decision later. Then box those items up.

•  Likewise, if you have not really touched, worn, used an item—give yourself the permission to get rid of it. There are so many charities and programs who could use your donations. You always have the option of giving to a friend or family, and giving to your local church or shelter.

•  Just do it—putting it off won’t help and will only compound the stress associated with such a task. Make it fun—maybe a family activity or ask a good friend to help! It is the attitude that counts—and if you change  how you think about something, this will change how you feel about a task of this sort.


Ready? Set? GO!

1. Do not wait until the last minute. Pick a floor to begin de-cluttering. 

2.  Start in one room—then narrow down where in the room to start. For instance, if you start in the master bedroom, first tackle the closet. 

3. Start in one spot of your designated de-clutter area and simply work your way around the area. Pretend it is a clock and work your way clockwise from 12am to 12pm. Some people suggest packing and de-cluttering at the same time. 

4. Then once you have one space in the room completed—take a rest—continue in a clockwise fashion with the next area of the room. To continue with our master bedroom example, after you are finished with the closet, what is the next item? A dresser? Bookshelf? This is how you start ‘eating an elephant.’ Tackling one piece at a time! 

5. When you have one location (master bedroom) finished, make your trips to donate, throw-away, give-away, or whatever you choose to do with the discarded items. 

6. Take time to appreciate what you have just accomplished before moving onto the next area of your home! Moving and de-cluttering is an emotional process for some individuals and giving yourself a little time to ‘be in the moment' is a good way to feel better about the process.

When you are finally finished and your home is staged to sell, stand back and look at all you have accomplished! Not only does your home put its best foot forward but you will feel 'lighter' and better prepared for the upcoming sale and purchase of your dream home!