Have No Fear Remodel FHA 203K IS HERE !!!

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Buyer Alert!

Have No Fear Remodel FHA 203K IS HERE!!!


Buying an estate sale home?

Want to redo a home or do a kitchen remodel?

Need all new appliances without laying out the cash first?


See these facts below and then

See who has designed this streamlined 203K process and has closed over 250 203K properties in the last 2 years!




Facts on 203 K can use for sale or refinance on an owner occupied single family residence

This is for counties of will cook Kane and du page


Max amount of funds allowed is 35,000

Limited is 35000 was once called streamline

Max purchase price is 365700 which would include the 203k funds on top of it

When writing the contract only put in the purchase price and then

On contract where it says type of financing pick other and put in FHA 203K

When goes to lender you will be given a list of approved general contractors

The general contractor is the key as the general will assess all the jobs needed for this property. He will meet the buyers out there and they can discuss the items to be attended to

There is the preliminary bid, that is the conversation that could go something like this: " Ok you need hardwood floors and new cabinets, some of the windows, (that could be about 20,000) and new appliances.”

Also Covers windows roof, minor renovation and even mold removal

Some buyers may only need all appliances only. That can also be on an FHA 203K bid

The General Contractor does all the work on your behalf:

                -Takes bids from sub-contractors

                -Finalized all the pricing so as to stay within budget

-He will hire out the subs 

-He will pay the contractors upon completion of their work.

Having this procedure with a General Contractor is the KEY to closing within a 45-50 day window!

When Buyers lender sends out Mr. Appraiser, he will do 2 appraisals: one for Pre 203k or current  value and one for the future value post 203k loan.

Buyers final loan will reflect the added funds from the 203K

Your mortgage payment will now be reflective of your loan amount plus the FHA funds!



Used for multi-family residences

The limits for this version are:

-1 unit is 365700.

- 2 units 468150

-3 units 565900

- 4 units 703250 

This is used in an owner occupied multi family building up to 4 flat building

Can also do a streamlined 203k with a multi family building also

The important note here is: the appraisal must equal the end value just like the residential streamlined version.

Two appraisals will be done:

             One for the current value (Pre 203k price);

             And one for the end value

****Rehabbers can do this as long as they are going to live there.

Min FHA standards 

Streamlined FHA 203k has 60 days to complete after closing.

Full blown multi family FHA 203K has 90 days to finish after closing.

As long as one original wall remains, contractors can do whatever they wish.

The bids: also Pays for permits and subs

Jon Hamilton
The Federal Savings Bank


For more information about the lender who streamlined this entire process, call Laura Alberts, Orland Park, Illinois Realtor, at 708-220-7623.