Is Remodeling Worth The Cost?

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Planning on Selling Your Home?

If you are, then like most homeowners you may have to face the question —To remodel or NOT to Remodel?!

The question everyone wants an answer to is, do I recoup my remodeling costs? Will remodeling make my home sell faster? Is the stress and inconvenience of a remodel worth the cost to me? How much should I remodel? There is a lot to consider!

Facts and figures back up the notion that a full-blown remodel will not get you the return on the dollar you are hoping to see. This informative web site will help you see the reality in terms of numbers. Overall—you really don’t make more money from a large remodel project, according to Remodeling.

So instead of a full blown remodel—make smaller changes, that are easy on the wallet and bring a much better return!

Here is a list of home updates every homeowner should complete—These will ensure you get your house on the market fast and sell before you know it! All while avoiding costly, time-consuming remodeling projects. 

•  Paint your home—inside and outside
•  Replace broken screens and screen/storm doors
•  Update the front door of your house
•  Paint your garage door
•  Declutter your home
•  Make your home more energy efficient
   •  New appliances
   •  More insulation in the attic
   •  New weather stripping to prevent leaks
•  Add some curb appeal
   •  Potted plants
   •  Simple landscaping
•  Have your home inspected before you put it on the market
   •  This will save you from any surprises
   •  Complete a repair list from your home inspection before selling

Overall, you will recoup your expenses better with minor updates to your home than with larger remodeling projects. It is always advised to do some updating, but major renovations should be handled on a home by home basis.