Level the Playing Field with Cash Offers

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Don’t Lose the Home You Love

If you have ever lost a home that you loved because the Seller decided to take a cash offer instead of yours, here is a great solution!

Give your dream home the best possible boost in a competitive market by using this wonderful loan product!  It is called the Express Loan Approval. You, the buyer, will do a full application and go through the lending process for your proposed loan amount. Once your docs are in, your files go to the underwriting department for a full loan commitment. Upon approval the bank has now committed to lend the money per the approval. Thus, this commitment is just as valid and equal to “proof of funds” (Proof of funds is the document that accompanies a cash offer). The “account” is the lender and the reserved “funds” for contracted home is from the lender and waiting for you to use!

What a Cash Deal Needs

• Title
• *Appraisal
• Flood Certification
• Fully Executed Sales Contract

What an Express Loan Approval Needs

• Title
• Appraisal
• Flood Certification
• Fully Executed Sales Contract

*Remember that 1 out of every 5 cash buyers order an appraisal anyway. However, the seller knows as does his agent, that the property values are within the acceptable limits anyway.

If you are interested in working with a lender that offers an Express Loan Approval, contact me! 

I have a specific list of preferred lenders who offer wonderful loan products that will fit your needs!

Stay tuned for my next blog on "Buying a Home" right after a short sale OR foreclosure!