Protect Your Home While On Vacation

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You’ve waited all year for this family vacation and can’t wait to go… On your way out the door you hear about some recent break-ins in your neighborhood. That can ruin your whole trip! You may already be stressed out about leaving the iron on, or a water pipe bursting. That could be enough alone to make you stay home to avoid the stress. But don’t cancel your long awaited vacation — there are ways to prevent burglaries and other home-related disasters while you’re away.

Here’s a checklist you can use to increase your home’s protection:

•  Replace your doors with windowless doors & install deadbolt locks

•  Fix loose window screens, broken latches, and cracked windowpanes. Make sure to close and lock all your windows

•  Trim your shrubbery that obscures windows in the front and back of your home

•  Never hide or bury a house key outside your home

•  Have a trusted neighbor or family member hold your spare key and check on the house periodically

•  For your summer vacations, turn off the water heater and set your air conditioner at about 80 degrees to control the humidity

•  Clear out all perishables from the refrigerator and cupboards. Remember to turn off your ice-maker

•  Unplug your electronics - televisions, computers, etc. in case of a lightning surge


•  Stop the mail delivery at the post office

•  Ask a trusted neighbor to drag a garbage can in front of your house on trash day and park in your driveway

•  If you an automatic sprinkler system, leave it running on a timer. Have someone mow your lawn

•  Use timers on lamps near doors & windows, and set them to turn on and off in the evening

•  Install motion-activated lights outside - especially in the back of the house

•  Don’t announce your absence on social media or voicemail

•  Turn the ringers off or down on your land line phones

•  Buy a “Beware of Dog” sign even if you don’t own a dog

•  Call your local police to let them know you’ll be out of town. Some towns will send patrols out to check your home while you’re away

•  If you park in your car in the driveway, remove the garage door opener and make sure the car doors are locked

•  Move small valuables to a safe deposit box or safe