Sellers Video Camera May Only Have Eyes For You!

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In the name of progressive Real Estate technology, it has become a new world for Buyers (and Sellers) when invited into Sellers’ homes for viewing with the intent of purchasing.  Of course, the primary reason for security cameras is, security. That, however, has become a blurred line when you, as a Seller, know buyers are in your home and conversing.  Who would NOT want to know what the buyer is saying first hand! Just flip on that iPhone app and there are the buyers saying “This ceramic tile is lovely.” …...or saying, “The color choices in here are awful!”  Or even more compromising , “Oh Honey I Have to have this house but $350,00 is too high.  We’ll start low, and only come up $5,000, and hold firm at that price.” Then the Buyer Agent chimes in. “The Sellers were on the market last year and did not sell.  We’ll have the advantage!” And thus, it goes. The entire strategic plan of action has just been recorded for the Seller’s benefit!  Seller video cameras can be apparent or in a “monkey” on a dresser (which is where my Policeman Seller had one of 3 video cameras!)


Laws are different in every state.  Who is right?  Who is wrong? How dare they? My agent should have warned me? Do not wait for a legal issue to arise!

Let’s err on the side of strategic safety here Folks! I, as a Buyer agent, will always educate my Buyers on the art of showing homes:  Here are some my tips:

Always pretend the Seller is home anyway.

When I open the front door on a lock box or electronic system, I always say, “Hi! We are here!”

Make your remarks neutral until we are outside

I make copious notes on the back of every mls listing sheet and we discuss once my Buyers and I have left the home.

I give a nice Buyer folder to my clients, and in there are places for their notes as well.

I always point out positive features of every home (one never knows when there is a “monkey” lurking!)  


Have a Buyer Agent who:

Has a great sense of humor. (Hmmmmm who could that be?)

Knows to give background on area and knows values of closed properties in close proximity of each home you are viewing.

Has your “back” whenever you are in your homes to view.

Has years of experience & seasoning (like Yours Truly), Knows all the ins and outs of home viewing protocol

Now....go have fun!