Selling Your Home in the Fall and Winter Months

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Are you ready to sell your home?

Instead of the calendar, let’s look at your commitment for good selling points that are present throughout the year! Are you ready?

There is typically less competition during fall and winter months, as home sales peak during the spring and summer, when planning a move around family and school schedules is simply easier. 

Options for buyers slim down after summer. With fewer options listed on the market, buyers tend to be more willing to look at their own resources and creative options when considering minor repairs.

Fall and winter buyers are serious buyers! With generally overloaded calendars for school, work, and holiday scheduling this time of the year, adding the task of looking for a new home brings out homebuyers with the strongest intent to purchase.

Are you ready to sell your home this fall or winter? Let’s do this! 

Things to remember when marketing your home “off season:"

Decorating and Decluttering: Be minimally selective about decorating for holidays to avoid a look or feeling of clutter. Buyers need the visual space to imagine themselves in a house for sale, so too much holiday cheer can be a distraction to potential buyers. (Think about wanting them to focus on the upgraded cabinets, high ceilings, newly painted molding, etc., instead of an animated reindeer on the mantle.)

pic2-L-blogPlants matter! With summer gardens gone, seasonal arrangements (ie pumpkins, poinsettas) on the porch or inside, add to the invitation to feel at home.

Curb Appeal: Keep windows washed and clear of overgrown hedges, etc. in front., and walkways swept up (or snow-shoveled).

Appliances: You don’t want to have issues with any of these during a showing, so check all appliances before it gets too cold and you learn the heater isn’t working correctly.

Seasonal Perspective: When a showing is scheduled, display a collage or framed photos of how the yards, landscaping, and architecture of the home can look in the spring and summer months. (Take these pictures before the leaves and snow begin to fall!)

Interest Rates tend to fall after summertime, giving buyers more buying power and putting sellers a good position for negotiating.

Hire a Professional: Selling a home in the fall and winter can offer new challenges, but there are still plenty of buyers looking for homes! For a free assessment of your home value and help with getting your home sold, I am a Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

Give me a call! Laura Alberts, Realtor, at (708) 220-7623.