Thinking About Moving Out of State?

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Whatever your reason is to move out of state, if you started a new job in a or you are just ready for a change, moving to a new state can be an exciting adventure. You just have to get there first. I am here to help. I’ve listed some tips for a successful move into a new state without causing you too much stress.

1. Do Your Research Before You Move

Research as much as you can about your new city and state. From restaurant and local businesses to recreational activities and schools, you’ll find a wealth of information about Illinois on my website - Market Insider feature. I also recommend visiting the area and checking it out for yourself. Talk with local residents, ask questions, look at maps, and drive around the neighborhood to get a feel for your new area.


2. Finding A New Home

Several months prior to moving, I recommend contacting me so I can help you find a good real estate agent in your new state to help you find a home. You will definitely need someone who’s an expert in the area’s housing market to show you around. Realtors have the expertise and knowledge of the market. They can narrow down your search so you spend less time looking at undesirable houses and more time preparing for your move.

3. Hire a Good Moving Company

There are a lot of moving companies out there, so hiring the right one can be tricky. First, ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations. They will tell you if they’ve had good or bad experiences with movers in the past. Second, look at the moving company’s online ratings and reviews.

4. Gather Your Personal Records

Remember to pack important documents before you move. Keep them in a separate and clearly marked box or folder. These docs should include Social Security cards, birth certificates, tax forms, health records, school records, etc. Make sure all records are in a fire proof safe, and they’re secure at all times.


5. Start Packing

It’s a good idea to start packing as soon as possible. If you’re planning to pack yourself, don’t wait too long. Not only will you have pack up everything you own, but you’ll also have to decide what to keep and what to give away. With the moving company, the cost of your long distance move will be based on the total weight of your things. The less you bring with, the less expensive your move. Also, don’t forget to label all of your boxes. It will make unpacking so much easier.

6. Forwarding Mail to Your New Address

Several weeks before you make your move, you need to notify the Post Office about your upcoming change of address. It’s easy, just go to and choose the date you wish to begin forwarding your mail.

7. Notify Utility Companies

It’s important to notify the new utility companies of your upcoming move. You’ll have all your utilities up and running immediately upon moving in. You should also call your current utility companies to make sure your cable, electricity and gas are turned off the day after you move out.

8. Learn About The Local Schools

If your move involves school-age children, its never too early to start thinking about the local schools in your new town. To learn more about local schools in Illinois, click here.