Tips for First Time Home Buyers

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Kids getting bigger? Another one on the way? Apartment or condo too small? This is the right time to look into purchasing your first home! However, before you just jump into the excitement of home tours and open houses—there are a few things you should know and tasks to accomplish.

Before You Get in the Game

Before you take one step into the home buying experience, there are several tasks you must complete as a first time home buyer. These tips are best practices (in a nutshell) to set you off on the right foot and it all begins with money, money, money!

•  Pay off all debt
•  Build an emergency fund of at least 3 months savings, 6 months is the benchmark.
•  Discuss how much you want to spend for a home.
•  Save for a down payment AND closing costs. As a general rule, closing costs are 3-4% of the negotiated house price.
•  Do NOT make any large purchases prior to purchasing a new home, this will affect your credit score.

Next Steps

Contact me and I will guide you through the home buying experience. I have more than 30 years experience and my goal is to make the buying (or selling process) a smooth one for YOU! 

What do I assist you with—I share resources and recommendations, market trends, provide real-time stats, suggest approaches best suited to your needs, inform you on all the ins and outs of disclosures and other forms. I explain and resolve complex issues of real estate to you or on your behalf—to mortgage investors or other real estate agents. This is all just a part of my commitment to you and your goals and dreams of home buying (and selling).

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I will guide you through the financing process and take the next steps with you to:

•  Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. A pre-approval lets home sellers know you are serious about buying! This is an absolute “must” prior to starting your home search. Inform you of any first time home buyer programs for financing
•  Research neighborhoods for the home of your dreams that meets your individual requirements
•  Find a home you can afford and attend open houses or set up home tours.
•  Make a competitive offer and do the negotiating for you within your budget.
•  Provide you with a home inspection service, if you do not have one.
•  Assist you in preparing for closing.

Follow these timeless tips for buying a home. Tackle finances first—plan and prepare—and when you are ready, I will be to bring you to the finish line!